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Connecting students from different places and backgrounds is a more personal and interesting way for them to learn about the world beyond their own community than reading a chapter in a textbook.

Where the best option available for making those connections was once writing to penpals, Skype makes it possible to make the conversations more direct.

Calls with experts can be set up as a Q&A or more of a lecture, depending on what you prefer.

You can give students the assignment of doing some research and coming up with questions in advance, so they have an opportunity to interact with the expert and learn more.

Teachers can seek out connections with classes around the world, or even at different schools in the same area, as a way to give students a glimpse into cultures and lifestyles other than their own.

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Inevitably, students will have difficulties and questions outside of class time when the teacher’s not around to ask.

Experts in various professional fields have a tendency to be busy, making it hard for them to commit to an in-class visit.

But a Skype call’s much easier to fit into a packed schedule.

You’re probably already familiar with Skype; the free service for calls and chat has become ubiquitous in recent years.

It’s revolutionized how people around the world communicate with each other.

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