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To prove her point, she suggests we dip into André, a chain shoe store I must have walked past a thousand times.

Once inside I realize how it is that French women manage to look so stunning on minuscule salaries: a black suede high-heeled pump, elegant as a Louboutin though minus the red sole, is 5.

“Don’t even think about coming here on Saturdays—it’s a nightmare,” Gitel-Lassablière warns. —are all 30 percent off, though it doesn’t actually say this anywhere, which is why I finally admit to myself that it’s sometimes indispensable to have a native guide.

There are even less-rarefied souvenirs at the vast Pharmacie Suprapharm, with coveted powder-room brands—Klorane shampoo for .90; Elgydium toothpaste, .50 for two; Anthelios sunscreen for —sold at reduced prices.We walk toward the canal to Artazart, a bookstore with Banksy monographs, among other finds.The peaceful curving waters, traversed by picturesque bridges, look nothing like the Paris I know. I am enraptured by this three-story multi-brand boutique.Which is why we taxi straight to Thanx God I’m a V. P., in the neighborhood between the Place de la République and the Canal St.-Martin.Rodriguez is ecstatic in this vintage clothing store, but in fact the whole quartier delights her.

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