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This includes engineering and computer science because they are very abstract fields that require very little social interaction.When I was a child, I was always driven by the complexity of numbers.Puzzles and mechanical projects kept me in my own little world.I used to play with boys more than I used to play with girls, and part of this was my awkwardness towards the female gender. Being born of the female gender meant nothing to me.I was convinced that I was a boy that just looked like a girl.I went through life with this thought pattern until last year.Life was hell while growing up, in the fact that no one in the family was capable of accepting who I was with an open mind.I was forced to dress like a girl, act like a girl and be a girl. Growing up, my family expectations became higher and higher.

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The majority of people with AS choose areas related to visual thinking.

I had a difficult time understanding the language and I could not associate with anyone.

My only free pass was that I was a good artist and I spent the majority of the time painting for the company during stressful times.

’ My cousins were the typical girls that loved talking about boys while I was still thinking of cars, airplanes, and how to become an astronaut.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel to the United States.

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