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When we got that whole package together and then presented it, I said, “This sounds like something I’d love to do.” Just like the first one, it tickled the kid in me to be sucked inside a computer and play with all of the new toys that we had available to us. Comic-Con wasn’t around back when the first one came out.To be involved with the cutting edge was very exciting. To feel the energy of the people, we really sensed it when we came here last year and showed the trailer.With Joe Kosinski, I really think they found a terrific leader because he came from architecture.It’s always interesting where a director comes from, whether he’s a writer or an actor.Firstly, Joseph Kosinski is officially back as director which is great; we at FTN are big fans of him and his work and can’t wait to see him return to the Grid.Next up, Garrett Hedlund is back as Sam Flynn and finally (for now) Olivia Wilde is back as Quorra.

I'll post and reblog photos, graphics and gifs about them and their characters! That obviously didn’t happen, but news that the stars and director are returning to the movie means production is neigh and Wigutow’s script might still be in play. It looks like it’ll be shooting in Vancouver and will pick up at the end of the second film with Wilde and Hedlund’s characters back in the “real world.” What we do know about the movie comes from vague comments made by Kosinski to Collider in late 2012 when it looked like , a modest hit with a 0 million worldwide gross: Well the only reason to go back, for me and I think for anyone involved would be if we could do something truly spectacular.We’ve been talking about it for a couple years and there’s always been this idea, a big idea, in the back of my head that we’ve been talking about.Perhaps the studio has a big plan — Comic Con, maybe?— or is waiting to finalize the deal for a splashy cast member before making the full reveal.

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