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The video features Madonna and a number of male models in different looks, dancing with Ukrainian group Kazaky.

It received critical acclaim for the editing and the visuals, while reviewers noted that it took inspiration from Madonna's older videos, such as "Erotica", "Justify My Love", "Human Nature" and "Vogue".

Francis' trademark Girls Gone Wild in not only the title, but subject line of her various advertisements in order to lure potential consumers to purchase her latest musical effort." The National Football League (NFL) revealed in their magazine that the song would not be performed at the Super Bowl.

On hearing about the allegations, Moxey commented that Francis only wanted attention from the press, adding: "When I looked at ASCAP, I noticed there were approximately 50 records called 'Girls Gone Wild'.

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Musically, "Girl Gone Wild" is a mid-tempo electropop party track that is influenced by four-on-the-floor.The song opens with a prayer and features electronic music elements.After the song was released, Joe Francis, the creator of Girls Gone Wild franchise, threatened to sue Madonna for copyright infringement if she sang the song during her performance at Super Bowl XLVI halftime show.Stephen "The Koz" Kozmeniuk did the additional editing of the song and arranged the vocoder.Benny Benassi recalled that Madonna would arrive in the studio around 3–4 pm and would work till pm in the night.

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