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Why not bring your talents and skills to the Human Rights Campaign?We offer a wide-range of job opportunities as well as a multidisciplinary internship program.Of course, at a fetish night or in the bedroom, these clothes may mean something different, but that's a whole other story and not one I particularly intend to cover in a blog post.Basically, just because someone is wearing a spiky collar and skintight PVC to a Goth club does not mean she's into S&M.Many, many Goths are in happy relationships with non-Goths.I had a six-year relationship with a lovely chap who was definitely not Goth at all. If you wander into a Goth club and start sleazing over and groping random people, you will most likely get kicked out, just as you would in any other club if your behaviour was inappropriate.

I'm going to cover some of my least favourite rumours about Goths and dating; some tips for those of you who would like to know how to go about wooing a Goth (what a great word, 'woo'...), and a few helpful links and videos (I'm THAT good to you).

I was never a fully goth person, but I stopped wearing black nail polish when I was 21 or 22. It means that they will probably end up with either no partner in life or a very low quality one. It's about literally thinking that you are some sort of vampire, mystic, or whatever other type of retarded wizard you think you are. "I am deep and sensitive so I cut myself and wear fake blood on clothes so people can see how extreme I am". Hrm, there is a difference between wearing those costumes either in your personal life and at a job.

The concept of "cool" kind of just dissipates after awhile. For instance, if I wanted to wear an adult diaper as a pair of swimming trunks, I can't do that because I am a grown up. If it's at a job, I agree they should wear more appropriate clothing.

Belonging to the subculture does not mean favouring the same sexual preferences - everyone is different.

Many Goths dress in fetish or BDSM-inspired styles for a night out at the club (for example: PVC dresses, spiked collars, wrist shackles, 'dominatrix' boots, stockings and suspenders).

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