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Apple is thus quite easily understood as a remarkably consistent consumer products business.

To the degree that there is variance (between 0 and 0) it is due mostly to seasonality and reflects a mix of more expensive units during the launch quarters and a cheaper units during later periods when the product is older and due for an update.

The flatness of i Phone pricing is also to be understood in combination with the flatness of Mac, i Pod and i Pad average pricing (shown below) The technique of preservation of average price seems to be in effect across Apple. Thus the i Phone can be seen as controlling the 0 point, the Mac 00, the i Pod 0 and the i Pad 0.

This pricing signals the product’s value and the value of the brand.

The graph below shows the average selling price as a dashed line and the corresponding prices of individual product variants available for sale in the US during the same time frame.

The graph shows a high degree of consistency of pattern: Every year a new i Phone is launched which replaces the one launched the year before.

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