How to hack a dating site

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Popular dating apps such as Ok Cupid, Tinder, and Bumble have vulnerabilities that make users’ personal information potentially accessible to stalkers, black mailers, and hackers.

The security lapses, which vary in terms of their severity and feasibility, could expose people’s names, login information, location, message history, and other account activity, warned researchers at Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm that’s been the subject of recent controversy in the U. “We are not going to discourage people from using dating apps, but we would like to give some recommendations on how to use them more safely,” the researchers said.

(An interesting exception: the i OS version of Mamba connected to company servers strictly through HTTP, leaving all transmitted data open to snooping.) In another part of the study, the researchers downloaded phone-compromising malware to see how it would interact with the apps.

The post had said that the hack had been done "in defence of Jewish people".

"Look at the cliche script of the site," a tweet posted by the account read.

The far-right site was told by host Go Daddy that it would be kicked off within 24 hours – and given that it is unlikely any other hosting service would allow it to be a customer, it's probable the site will disappear.

Early in the morning of 14 August, a post appeared on the Daily Stormer website that said it had been taken over by Anonymous and would be shut down in 24 hours, which led multiple news sites including The Independent to report the hack claim.

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