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Nowadays, it’s almost a necessity for movies to establish their presence on Facebook during its post-release period as Facebook users look for movies here.

The good thing here is that you can send bulk invites to your friends, while it is manually done on Pages.

If you’re planning a launch or celebrating a landmark event, the ‘Private’ option lets you selectively invite people and give details on a page that can’t be accessed by anyone else. I consider this as an advantage because there are not many set rules, you can try & experiment with different methods & techniques.

However, if you don’t want to experiment, here are some tried and tested methods that will ensure success: There’s nothing more boring than bland Facebook pages. If possible, try to create applications just for your page.

It enables public figures, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook.

If you check Dell’s Facebook page, you’ll see that it keeps updating its status and gives new information on their products and about technology. Using a big profile picture is one of the best ways to brand your Facebook page.

Unlike Facebook Profiles, Pages are visible to everyone on the internet and are generally better for long-term relationships with your fans, readers or customers.

Facebook Groups allow people to come together around a common cause or activity to express their views.

It’s no big secret that Facebook can help you in online marketing.

However, I know there are many of you who believe that just registering on Facebook is enough… Your Facebook success story ends before it even begins!

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