Im 18 and dating a 25 year old

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The Book of Jeremiah (Yirmiyahu [ירמיהו]) can be divided into twenty-three subsections, and its contents organized into five sub-sections or 'books'.In Egypt, after an interval, Jeremiah is supposed to have added three sections, viz., ch. The main Messianic prophecies are found in 23:1–8; –40; and –26. Modern scholars do not believe they have reliable theories as to when, where, and how the text was edited into its present form.

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The Haftarah is a text selected from the books of Nevi'im that is read publicly in the synagogue after the reading of the Torah on each Shabbat, as well as on Jewish festivals and fast days.The book essentially consists of three parts: A conclusion of sorts appears at 1 Kings 1-2, concerning Solomon enacting a final revenge on those who did what David perceived as wrongdoing, and having a similar narrative style.While the subject matter in the Book(s) of Samuel is also covered by the narrative in Chronicles, it is noticeable that the section (2 Sam.Chapters 36–39 provide historical material about King Hezekiah and his triumph of faith in God.Chapters 24–35, while too complex to characterize easily, are primarily concerned with prophecies of a Messiah, a person anointed or given power by God, and of the Messiah's kingdom, where justice and righteousness will reign.

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