Is 6 weeks too early for a dating scan

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They ask me to go in next week for another ultrasound.... Gestational sac was there but no yolk sac and no heartbeat.... Am hoping and praying that its just too early yet 4-5 weeks so that explains why not much seen on the u/s. I sincerely hope it's a matter of much to early. I was sent for another ultrasound the next week and sure enough everything developed in that week! I am from April 2012 but I just wanted to reasure you:) Yes I went through something similar - first scan they were looking for ectopic and there was nothing in my uterus but a huge mass on my ovary (which ultimately turned out to be a cyst). I go back to see my doctor on monday for the results of my newest Beta levels. Thinking of you and hope we both get some good news soon! Trying to be positive Me:35 Dh:34 2 angel babies in heaven DD: 1.5 yr old Thirdtimeisacharm, my heart goes out to you! She prefers closer to 8 because you definitely should see something (again though, if your dates are off because of ovulation...).

You also may measure larger than expected, or be gaining more weight than typical for your due date.

The ultrasound tech that I talked to about scheduling made mine later because it's not uncommon to not see anything at 6 weeks.

I keep asking myself why do they scheduale these scans sooo early?? I personally have a luteal phase of 17-20 days, which means that 17-20 days after I ovulate, I should expect my period.

If you suspect twins early on – chances are you want to know as quickly as possible!

Many women have an inkling that they are carrying twins from the beginning.

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