Is the nostalgia chick dating todd Bengalisex chat

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It’s not NECESSARILY true that bisexual people do nothing for other LGBT people, but now I’ve poisoned the well, so.:)This “opting out” as Lindsay so eloquently puts it, IS the struggle.And how ridiculous it is that people in the comments identify with this article.

And then I remember how the gaslight crowd uses that exact argument against me when I talk about gender representation in the media – usually something along the lines of “how can you be mad at gendered slurs in a movie when female genital mutilation exists”I’m not sure that’s what gaslighting is.Which is to say nothing of overlap – an awful, awful lot of “T”s are also “B”‘s – bisexual erasure affects them as well, does it not?I agree with this bit in general terms, but it occurs to me that Lindsay’s repeated use of the letter “B” (and now “T”) to describe bisexual people and later transgender people is making me see them less as individual human beings and more as, uh, demographical quotas?In fact, knowing that she’s bisexual makes the UST very unfunny. We’re both bisexual (and also single, in Channel Awesome’s fictional universe? Perhaps this is, in part, a result of bisexual erasure from our media dialogue. But try telling that to the vast majority of people. Or perhaps it is because, despite the “B” in “LGBT”, I don’t think we “B”s quite know our place in the movement because we are in some ways the most privileged group – we can opt out, and many of us do.Like “ooh, did we fall asleep together after getting drunk?! ), so that puts precisely nobody in a hilarious and awkward situation. Bisexuality is not an orientation, it’s just the word you use until you figure your shit out. It’s the sexual orientation version of “passing.”I don’t even have the words to describe how ridiculous this is.

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