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Others actors include Jesse Davis (December 6, 1985 to March 17, 1986), Edward Palma (August 7 to September 9, 1986), Bradley Hallock (December 18, 1986 to July 1, 1992).In 1997, Scotty Hauser portrayed Eric in a voiceover. Reports also surfaced that the producers considered actor Shane Mc Dermott, who was previously known for his portrayal of Scott Chandler on ABC's All My Children to take over the role, but executive producer Ken Corday immediately shot down the rumors, revealing that there were no plans to recast the role.He also reconnects with a now-reformed Nicole and even works with his mother's longtime rival Kristen Di Mera to help establish a new school in Salem.

In mid August, Kristian Alfonso posted a picture on Twitter of herself, Vaughan and a few co-stars, with Vaughan wearing a clerical collar which immediately led to speculation that the character of Eric had become a priest.

Eric falls in love with Nicole Walker; however the relationship ends in heartbreak which leads to Eric's departure.

In 2012, Vaughan stepped into the role and the character is re-introduced as a priest.

In December 2012, Vaughan revealed to TV Source Magazine that the series would soon delve into Eric's past, and what led to him becoming priest.

Vaughan like many others was skeptical about the character of Eric being re-introduced as a priest.

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