Jim carrey tea leoni dating

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(Even director Nora Ephron didn’t think she could get away with it, apparently.) The scene when Tom Hanks first sees Meg Ryan in the airport kind of lays it bare for us: There he is, telling his kid about how dating means trying yourself out with different people to see if you’d be a good match, and then he’s stopped dead in his tracks by Ryan walking through the door.

Watch the climactic scene where she reads the titular poem in class.

You’re not supposed to feel this heartbroken during a movie like this!

And you’re not even supposed to care that it’s a Shakespeare adaptation (they’ve only borrowed the loose details of the plot, none of the language or even the characterization), but these two incredible actors manage to bring it back home. Edelstein: Back then, watching Heath Ledger clown in the high school stands was magic. Maybe that’s a good message for Valentine’s Day: Love someone while you can.

That desperation takes on an astonishing emotional resonance when the character is gay and forced to live and work in a homophobic culture.

When he impersonates a successful business executive with a joshing, how’s-your-golf-game façade, the ironic quotation marks around every hearty back slap are terribly funny and terribly sad — because you know, as Steven knows, that he’ll push it and push it and push it until he’s exposed. Edelstein: Jennifer Garner, Téa Leoni, Judy Greer …

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