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Benedict was born in Nursia, a village high in the mountains northeast of Rome.

His parents sent him to Rome for classical studies but he found the life of the eternal city too degenerate for his tastes.

Gregory's purpose in writing Benedict's life was to edify and to inspire, not to seek out the particulars of his daily life.

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The OSB Search Page checks both local and other web resources. The Life of our Most Holy Father Saint Benedict (CCEL; London: Thomas Baker, 1898). Benedict, were still operative in the Christian Church in spite of all the political and religious chaos present in the realm.At the same time it would be inaccurate to claim that Gregory presented no facts about Benedict's life and works.The title piously exaggerates the place of Benedict but in many respects it is true. Benedict did not establish the monastery of Monte Cassino in order to preserve the learning of the ages, but in fact the monasteries that later followed his Rule were places where learning and manuscripts were preserved.For some six centuries or more the Christian culture of medieval Europe was nearly identical with the monastic centers of piety and learning.

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