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The club operated from 1983 to 2010, making it the longest-running punk venue in the western United States, and has been called the "CBGB of the West Coast." Prior to Fellini's opening, Satyricon's popular souvlaki window, called Eat or Die, was the place for after hours sustenance when Portland's other clubs and music venues had closed for the night.

The Satyricon was known for being the one venue in Portland "where everyone who was or would be anyone in Northwest rock played over the course of two decades," As you step up to the long, obsidian-black bar, you may notice the Buddha that presides from behind the bar, the sensual art above, and stars on the ceiling.

Satyricon was a nightclub in the Old Town neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, United States.

In October, 2010, Ben Munat, the Satyricon's booking agent, organized thirteen "Farewell Satyricon Shows" for that month.

That's if you chose to dive head first into a crate full of dates and not come up for air, then you could die of date asphyxiation. Really, I knew of one variety, the very popular date called the Medjool.

It's hefty with a nice pliable and semi-soft texture and super sweet.

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