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here has, of course, been interest in the past since Pulis pinched the pocket of Louis van Gaal, who was quite happy to let Evans go two years ago.

Arsenal were successfully swatted away last year, while Leicester have seen two bids rejected earlier in this window.

In the second half, Stuart Broad had a dig at me once when I was batting at the non-striker’s end.

You’ve lost it mentally, he said, you’re still the same.

There was also widespread bemusement that West Brom had the temerity to dismiss a bid supposedly as low as £18 million. Why the snobbery that somebody as astute as Guardiola should be scratching around bargain bins in the Midlands for cheap deals on average players?

his is Jonny Evans, a highly-experienced Northern Ireland international, a former Manchester United defender with three Premier League winners' medals.

hould we really be surprised that Guardiola is now targeting the 29-year-old? Perhaps the biggest surprise is that Evans has not been more of a permanent fixture in the gossip columns this summer.ep Guardiola's bid to sign West Bromwich Albion captain Jonny Evans has been held up as the latest example of transfer window madness.There have been headlines suggesting this is a "shock move", another clear sign of a manager losing his marbles as desperation grips like wet rope ahead of the transfer window closing on August 31.However, this is Manchester City (despite Evans' association of 18 years with the club down the road) and the lure of Champions League football undoubtedly presents a headache for player and club.vans missed that game through an alleged injury and Pulis' claim that "we'll take his word for it" now looks nothing like a throwaway comment in light of recent events.

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