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In "I, Brobot", during a "summer run", Santa made use of the Chimney Vator, one of the many systems the O. For this "summer run", Santa did not require the full complement of reindeer to pull the sleigh. , Phineas and friends finish delivering gifts across Danville and find the sauna being used in the rest stop for Santa that Phineas and Ferb built atop the Flynn-Fletcher house.Santa chuckled, seemingly expecting for all of this to happen.The Prep & Landing specials revolve around a special group of elves that prepare the homes that Santa, codenamed the "Big Guy", visits during the Christmas Eve night.

He became an occasional recurring character and played a surprise role in "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express". Doofenshmirtz had released from a crane, intending to crush Agent P.Santa is one of the judges in Eli Excelsior Pandarus' Miss Mystical World pageant in "Eye of the Beholder".He appears again in "Hairy Christmas", in the mall with Jake.However, Emperor Zurg manages to steal the time-manipulation device and seeks to use it to ruin the holiday for everyone.Santa enlists the help of Buzz and his crew, though Buzz doubts that Santa is the real deal.

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