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Whatever the case, each time I wear it, I'm instantly transported to a carnival or boardwalk.Longevity is superb as well and can last well above 24 hours.Sometimes I get more coffee than cocoa and vice versa.It remains a chameleon, but always within the context of a gourmand.Perfectly unisex, I Love NY for All is one that changes the more you wear it.

Overall a very nice scent at a (compared to their other line up) a decent price fro the quality you get.And theres the sparkle of sugar shining through this chocolate covered sand.But with these shining sugar sand specs, youre also getting almost a ... 9’s latest line of fragrance is dedicated to the city itself, inspired by its energy, pace, freedom and eternal vivacity.I Love New York is a collection of 15 fragrances that are created by IFF. Its a mocha creamy hot drink with a touch more chocolate and glace chestnuts than coffee.

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