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This could be because you simply weren't ready to get married and commit just yet.For some, getting married involves moving to a different city or country and they aren't able to adjust to this change.At, we offer marriage tips and expert advice that couples can actually apply in their lives.This ranges from communication, romance, parenting, finance and intimacy to many more.

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So you get married and then realize things aren't exactly the way you were made to imagine.Just last week, Faris told magazine that they'll always be "incredible friends." "We truly adore each other, and we love each other. Pratt corroborated this in September when he told TMZ that Faris did an "amazing" job at the 2017 Emmy Awards and that she "looked great."The fact Pratt and Faris ended things on such amicable terms will make transitioning to the next chapter of their lives much easier.And it appears Faris has already started hers: published photos of Faris and Barrett at a carnival in Malibu with Faris' son, Jack.News broke in early August that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were separating after eight years of marriage.The details surrounding their conscious uncoupling are still unknown, but it's clear these two still have deep love and respect for each other.

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