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“On the side towards us are books on the basics of magical theory in case you need background reading and on the side towards the door magical law, in case you want that too.” He hands the three books he plucked off the shelves to Harry and leads him out of the Library.

“I found these to be the best balance between easy-to-read and thorough in this lot.

It just would not be proper and his grandmother would skin him alive if he did. They both look up at him as soon as he pushes his way through the door. “He doesn’t know that, either.” “I’ve a notion.” Uncle Algie frowns at Augusta, they communicate using their super secret sibling shorthand that Neville has seen all his life but never been a part of. I should go back and see what my minions have found.” Algernon Bones stands and claps his grand-nephew on the shoulder.

“If you need more to read, Eddie is the elf assigned to the Library. Whichever you prefer.” He bids Harry good night and closes the door. Neither of them say anything as he settles on a leather wingback chair and accepts tea from Echo. Nothing about family magics or lordships or- ” “You.” She says bluntly. “We’ll have answers in the morning.” Neville waits for his great uncle to depart before turning to his grandmother. - when the pop he is quickly becoming familiar with sounds. Neville walks in a few minutes later and Harry can’t help but grin at the potting soil smudge on his friend’s face. After years of taking meals together they don’t even have to discuss it, as long there is food on the desk between them, they keep conversation commonplace.

His gran has long warned him against such folly but, well, Harry had never looked twice at any of the girls they’d met in their years at Hogwarts. Two bedrooms, two full baths, at least one closet larger than Dudley’s second bedroom, a well-appointed office a sitting room with a fireplace. ” Harry feels his face heat and does his best to answer without stammering.Harry for his part practically apparates toward the promise of making Neville grin. What it means to be a Lord, the history of it, where it all comes from, your duties and the definitions of different relationships.Further down this side of the room are books about rituals, particularly how to set and manage family wards like I just did, how to bring someone into your family – not just marriage but adoption and just about anything else you can imagine. Harry turns to look and nods when he identifies the landmark. Part 4 - Goblin-on-goblin bondage (not the sexy kind) and non-graphic magical torture. Harry frowns, leaning around the front of the Knight Bus to stare into the gap again. Someone must be calling her personal floo -she hasn’t warmed her own tea kettle for longer than her grandson has been alive! Albus Dumbledore is a dark mother fucker and he has done some really not-okay shit. Family Magic and consequences, because the aaaaaaaall those fuckers need to learn consequences. ” Stan gives him a once over, then obviously decides to ignore the crazy and move on. ” Harry spouts the first name that comes to mind, “Neville Longbottom.” -*- When the screaming of a kettle ready to tip wakes Augusta Longbottom from a sound sleep.

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