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Because solar and wind are very disperse, dilute energy sources, and collecting them itself takes a lot of energy, materials, and effort.

Fossil fuels (and geothermal where available) and especially nuclear are very concentrated energy sources, and thus much easier and more efficient ways to generate large quantities of energy on-demand.

Even by the most optimistic view the Paris Accords aren't going to do much, if any, good. I love how we've gotten to the point that a "gotcha" is that the president nominated someone for a post, and that the nominee isn't incompetent. During the period 1950-1970 the growing body of evidence was sufficient to reverse the consensus, and since then all of the evidence is pointing towards, "Yes, this phenomenon is real and behaves as we expect." Denying this has become a symbol of ideological purity for a current political party, but there's only so far one can take that tactic. After we became better able to observe the upper atmosphere, it was realized that, yes, there was a bit of a gap for CO2 in the H2O spectrum, but more importantly, the CO2-dense part of the atmosphere extends quite a bit higher than the tropopause.

But what does that matter if it's already completely opaque at lower CO2 concentrations?

It's not like science can measure God, and those scientists are all leftist eggheads anyway. Which is all well and good, and certainly an internally consistent philosophy, but if the tragedy of empiricism is never being sure of anything, the problem with non-empirical philosophies is that they are under no obligation to be consistent with observable reality.

Politicians at the moment find it useful to take up an anti-empirical position, and rather sensibly they've picked a topic which to date has yet to make much meaningful impact on the lives of most Americans.

Some major flaw in the physics of H2O is about all that would save us at this point.

AGW is a theory that we've been trying to disprove for more than a century.

The theories of AGW and climate change have at every step had to fight for acceptance among people who (reasonably enough) were not prepared to believe in them.

The next day I just went to the store and bought a box of blackberries for a couple dollars.

It was a much more efficient use of my time and resources to get the same end product.

Henry Fountain reports via The New York Times (Warning: source may be paywalled; alternative source): The Arctic is warming about twice as fast as other parts of the planet, and even here in sub-Arctic Alaska the rate of warming is high.

Sea ice and wildlife habitat are disappearing; higher sea levels threaten coastal native villages.

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