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For a particular group, the employment rate is defined as the number of employed people in that group expressed as a percentage of the total population for that group.Similarly, the unemployment rate is defined as the number of unemployed people in a given group expressed as a percentage of the labour force (number of employed and unemployed) for that group.However, gender differences in labour market indicators among young and older women are considered separately at the end of this chapter.Gender often overlaps with other social characteristics, such as visible minority status, Aboriginal status, immigrant status (i.e., Canadian‑born or foreign‑born) and class.

Although the is conducted nationwide, the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut are not included in the national totals provided in this chapter as a different methodology is used in the territories.Statistics from the was introduced in 1945, a large‑scale revision of the questionnaire and sample design occurred in 1976.For this reason, 1976 serves as the starting point for most series presented in this chapter.It provides timely information on major labour market trends by dividing the working‑age population into three mutually exclusive categories—employed, unemployed and not in the labour force—and collecting data on a variety of descriptive and explanatory variables.The is based on a sample of approximately 56,000 households.

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