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On the left hand side you will see Microsoft Excel Objects.

Excel VBA – Order and Inventory Management – Excel 2013.

So every time we place an order will be up to see if we have sufficient stock to be able to cover that order will also then be able to add new stock add new products add new customers.

But the most important feature is that we can filter all this information over time and check the stock levels of all stock.

Any ideas for a solution that will account for rows containing pivot table data?

If you want to customize order and inventory management with userforms to your needs may I suggest that you go through the tutorials and get this working as I have created it and then customize the project? Select Protect_All On Error Go To 0 Exit Sub Adv Reorder_Error: Msg Box "Error " & Err. Description & ") in procedure Adv Reorder of Module Filters" End Sub '————————————————————————————— ' Procedure : Clear Data ' Author : Trevor ' Date : 22/06/2013 ' Purpose : '————————————————————————————— ' Sub Clear Data() On Error Go To Clear Data_Error Range("B25: I1000"). Show Protect_All On Error Go To 0 End Sub There are four advanced filters in this application one is in the assorted module and three are in the filter module.

You will have better success if you first understand how the application is pieced together. Clear Contents On Error Go To 0 Exit Sub Clear Data_Error: Msg Box "Error " & Err. Description & ") in procedure Clear Data of Module Filters" End Sub Sub Protect_All() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In Active Workbook. Protect Password:="Online", Drawing Objects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _ , Allow Formatting Cells:=True, Allow Sorting:=True, Userinterfaceonly:=True Active Sheet. Make sure that all of these advanced filters have Unprotect_all and Protect_all code when they run.

In this article we will learn how to turn off warning message using VBA in Microsoft Excel 2010.

When we run vba code / macros in our excel files, we see a lot of screen flickering as the actions are being performed on the file.

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