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Therefore you can imagine that the thought of another women walking away with our trophy man, after we’ve spent years painstakingly building him up, is a bit too much for most women to bear.

Perhaps, this is what US First Lady, Michelle Obama was thinking recently.

At least that’s what we women have been made to believe over the years.

As soon as you find that man who ticks most or all of your boxes, you got to keep that dude on lock down or risk him being snatched from under your finely manicured finger nails.

Although I can’t completely vouch for my friend, I do wonder if the wife’s slapping actions were entirely appropriate.

Many have argued that if a man wants to stay with you, he will.

Naturally, the White House has dismissed these claims as ‘completely false’ but can you blame her if it was true?

A closer look reveals that there are some erroneous perceptions which may affect our judgement in choosing the right partner.Her plan had been to threaten my friend with some harsh words but things turned ugly when my friend tried to walk away, Madame pulled her back by her hair and gave her a good smack across the face.Off course, it was left to me and a few other friends to tear both women apart, as the man in contention had suddenly disappeared.Find the best hand selected sex dating sites listed and sorted by quality!There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!

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