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Furthermore, it is believed that ghost sickness can even result in death, as the soul of the affected person could be carried by the ghost into the realm of the dead.The Navajos believe that ghost sickness is caused by a person communicating with the dead or by connecting the thoughts of a living person with those of the deceased.Apart from Native Americans, other cultures also believe that illnesses may be caused by ghosts.In ancient China, for instance, illnesses were sometimes attributed to the influence of ghosts.“Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago,” he added.“They call her Pocahontas.” As Mr Trump spoke in the Oval Office, the veterans stared at him.They said nothing and nobody laughed at the President’s supposed joke.

“It is deeply unfortunate that the president of the United States can’t even make it through a ceremony honouring these heroes without throwing out a racial slur.” Her fellow Massachusetts senator, Ed Markey, said: “What Mr Trump said about my partner, Senator Warren is a slur.

It disparages the Native American war heroes, standing right beside the President, who risked their lives to protect his right to make such a disgusting comment.” Many pointed out that Mr Trump's words appeared all the more insensitive given that they were made in front of portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh US president who forced hundreds of thousands of indigenous people from their land in the 1830s.

Tara Houska, a Native American activist, told t Mr Trump's words were "appalling and disgusting".

This attachment causes harm to the living person, as the ghost drains his or her energy.

The effects of this energy drainage manifest itself in certain symptoms, including weakness, a loss of appetite, depression and nightmares.

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