Noisy intimidating neighbours

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A Gibbston couple have accused their winery neighbours of intimidating waving.

The couple, who moved in next door to Mount Edward winery in 2012, say the waving is a form of harassment and causing them stress.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Etc (Scotland) Act 2004 provides the legal definition of antisocial behaviour as:-"A person engages in antisocial behaviour if they act in a manner that causes or is likely to cause alarm and distress or pursues a course of conduct which causes or is likely to cause alarm and distress to at least one person who is not of the same household.

To report hate crime, call 999 in emergency situations and 101 for non-emergency cases.

Judge Bill Unwin said the licence the couple objected to was held by a company — described by the council as suitable — not Mr Forsyth.

"The correct process [for your issues] is under the Resource Management Act ...

Fortis Living takes Anti-Social Behaviour very seriously.

All tenants have the right to enjoy their homes and live thier lives without interference.

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