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Laura Gardiner, senior policy analyst at the think-tank, said: 'Older generations have benefited hugely from the big increases in household wealth in Britain over recent decades.

While the millennials have done far less well in accumulating their own assets, they are likely to benefit from an inheritance boom in the decades ahead.'This is likely to be very welcome news for those millennials, including some from poorer backgrounds, who in the past would have been unlikely to receive bequests.

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We had a dot com boom (and a couple of busts), we took those progressive late-boomers Bill Gates and Steve Jobs under our wing and showed them what we could do with their stuff.Boomers are, by and large, Brexiteers and Trumpers.They remember when Britain was great, and think coming out of Europe will be a doddle. If you fall into either of those camps, you’ll doubtless have strong opinions.The millennials, on the other hand, take their name from the fact they came of age at the turn of the new century, so are usually defined as being born in 1982 or later.The boomers don’t like the millennials because they think the younger generation are feckless, whiny snowflakes who are scared of hard graft and obsessed by status, more interested in posting a selfie to social media than doing anything useful.

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