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Without “gangbuster” spring floods, he says, the sandbars are disappearing and the archaeological sites are increasingly more exposed.

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Later, salmon would swim upstream for the first time in 100 years. Armed with experimental predictions, Grant was nonetheless astonished by the reality of the dam’s dramatic ending.Just writing out the names of inventoried dams gives you more words than Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden. A 1926 dam on the Susquehanna River produced so much hydroelectric power that the owners needed to set up a network of wires to sell the electricity far and wide.This became the PNJ Interchange, “the seed of the electricity grid as we know it,” explains Martin Doyle, a professor of river science and policy at Duke University.But that sand is disappearing because the upstream Glen Canyon Dam traps most of the would-be replacement sand coming down the Colorado River.Furthermore, snowmelt used to swell the river with monstrous spring floods, redistributing sediment throughout the canyon.

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