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Each key value can be used separately to encrypt messages, but it cannot be used to decrypt the messages it was used to encrypt.

Instead, the other key in the pair must be used for the decryption.

This seems not very useful on the surface — what good is an encrypted message that anyone can read?

— but it serves well as a way of verifying message authenticity.

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When your public key is used to encrypt a message, only you (as the holder of the private key) can decrypt that message.One of the main benefits of SOAP compared to simpler forms of data exchange is that it allows for modular extensions.Security has been a major focus for extensions almost since SOAP's initial release, resulting in the standardization of WS-Security and related technologies that allow security to be configured for each service as appropriate.Negative financial or legal consequences can result if data is intercepted by third parties, or if fraudulent data is accepted as valid.It's always possible to design and implement an application's own security handling for Web services — as for any form of data exchange — but that's a risky approach, because even a minor and obscure oversight can lead to serious vulnerabilities.

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