Outpost not updating

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The Cloud Imperium Games team specifically mentioned that conflicts remain with shopkeeper item placement, mission giver Miles Eckhart, ship doors and an improving but still buggy patcher tool.One developer also described certain usable objects as “broken,” like when a character jitters when grabbing a cup and then refuses to interact with any other objects in the area.

However, I have a good contact from Norway House who thinks it would be a good year to get some equipment to the lodge this winter.For tackle, Thorne Brothers set up a pretty good shop with some great gear for big Pike and Walleye so you can come book and trip and buy some tackle at the same show!Please check out my sport show page for more details about the shows I’m attending, I’ll also be in Green Bay, WI and Minneapolis over the next few weeks.Star Citizen’s latest Around The Verse detailed surface outpost storytelling and the latest news on alpha 3.0. Star Citizen is in alpha for Kickstarter backers on PC.development continues, and this week’s episode of Around The Verse focuses on the latest alpha 3.0 updates and the environmental storytelling of surface outposts.

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