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They mainly do paperwork and rarely do spiritual work, just because of how the system is set up.

I see a lot of sincere and dedicated chaplains, and for the main they have done right by Pagans.

I have to stay away from that as I have absolutely no power as a volunteer aid, and so am in a very precarious position.

I tend to be polite and courteous in order to get entry and or anything at all with the inmates.

Then I encourage and help them write their own rituals, and then just watch over and maybe help them. It is different every time depending on who shows up.

There are so many different paths and traditions that show up, and there is often conflict.

It almost always get approved, mainly because we know what will and won’t get approved, two or four weeks later we do the ritual.

A month ahead I try to determine who, or what group wants to do the ritual coming up.

I’ll take volunteers and assign them to it, We’ll write it up and submit it in advance to the chaplain.

The Asatru guys don’t especially like the Wiccans, so there is endless nit-picking and back biting crap that goes on.

It is a hard-core juggling act between trying to provide some sort of service for the Pagans that are there.

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