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ERCIYES/ARGEUS Erciyes, located to the southwest of Kayseri, is the tallest volcano in Central Anatolia and covers almost 1,500 square kilometers.The cessation of volcanic activity and the ensuing erosion of the central crater give Erciyes the appearance of being much older than other volcanoes in the region.During the "Alpine period" of mountain-building, deep fissures and large depressed areas were created.The fracturing process allowed the subsurface magma (rocks in their molten state) to find its way to the surface where it formed the Erciyes, Develi, Melendiz, Kegiboydoran, and Hasan Dag cones.

Wind, climate, mechanical weathering, rain, snow, and rivers caused the erosion giving to Cappadocia its unusual and characteristic rock formations.Heavy rainfall transformed the smooth surface of the plateau into a complex pattern of gullies that followed preexisting fissures in the rocks. Sometime streams and rivers made very sharp vertical cuts into the volcanic soil and created isolated pinnacles at the intersection of two or more gullies.Rain and rivers also formed valleys such as Zelve and Goreme.Today, these examples of homes, churches and whole cities abound in Cappadocia.GEOLOGICAL FORMATION The surrealistic geological formation of Cappadocia is one of the wonders of the world.

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