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Gage: Jerk Type Gage is initially very confrontative with Soffie, repeatedly telling her to leave so he can concentrate on his art.

Eventually he seems to warm to her, even asking her questions about herself.

With my whining out of the way, let’s jump into plot of the game.

I know the instruction is a little long, ok, really long. (This is called the turn.) Then another round of betting begins, and players can double their bet size.

To get the best ending with a character (and honestly, why would you settle for less?

) you have to buy each of the five gifts that they like for them. The only ways to get money are to visit the forest (once each day, earning -90 tops) and to play games.

Riley: Athletic Type Riley is an athletic type character, and he really doesn’t really have much going on except sports.

He’s friendly and charming, but most of his dialog revolves around his back story explaining how he got to the Dream World.

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