Podcast not updating ios 7

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Far from suffering from the "feature creep" that typically bogs down operating systems over time, i OS has managed to stay relatively snappy and is more internally consistent than anything else available today.And i OS 8 — launching on devices this fall — looks to evolve the story even further.In this article we show how to download, install and run the latest version of i OS on your i Phone and i Pad, as well as potential problems you may encounter.If you do, take a look at What to do if you can't update i OS.Alternatively, you can update i OS via i Tunes and save yourself the trouble; and i OS itself may offer to temporarily delete apps from your device to make room, then reinstall them after the update is complete.

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Read on to see exactly how Apple evolved its mobile platform over the years, in our history of i OS.Instead of competing on specs, Apple focused on getting the core experience right.It focused on speed, consistency between apps, and a making a few features radically better than anything else that was available in 2007.But if you change your mind and want to downgrade to the previous version, this will be easier if you make sure you've saved a copy.Just bear in mind that a lot of the time it isn't possible even then.

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