Problems with c14 dating

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The Pure Casting facility is an ideal location to build affordable housing. Let’s keep our children safe from harmful chemicals.this letter that PODER sent to the Mayor and City Council Members.Our parents should have the right and access to participate in their children’s education and in neighboring schools.We demand that our neighborhood schools remain open!We propose the following in order to keep our neighborhood schools open:1.AISD and community leaders must demand that state legislators fulfill their obligations by releasing some of the .2 billion in the rainy day funds to assist education shortfalls.2.The Montopolis community held numerous meetings to discuss the concerns, issues and recommendations of the residents.The tour began at Allison Elementary, where the City Manager heard from the PTA and Allison Elementary's Principal, Guadalupe Velasquez.

PODER thanks your for celebrating and honoring three East Austin Activist Trailblazers on Tuesday, September 21st at Conley-Guerrero Senior Activity Center.Environmentalism is the activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction through such measures as ecosystem protection, waste reduction and pollution prevention.participate in the “Preserve Eastside Affordability Campaign”, a campaign to help slow down the displacement of families in East Austin caused by gentrification.The tour ended with a debriefing at the Montpolis Recreation Center, where he heard from staff and residents about the need to place on the next bond election, an item to build a new Montopolis Recreation Center for the area.The MNPCT also discussed the City staff's challenge to the Montopolis community by trying to place a water reclamation tower in the Montpolis Triangle and a disc golf course in the Roy Guerrero Park.

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