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All you have to do is turn on your headphones, head over to 'Settings Bluetooth Devices' and select your headphones.

If you haven't got a set of gaming headphones and are planning on playing multiplayer or streaming gameplay we would highly recommend getting a pair.

Just head to the download list once you have bought a game or redeemed a code and select the option to download to your PS4. This means files are available to download several days before the release date and you won't be left watching a loading bar while all your stone age/physical release-buying friends leave you in the dust when the clocks hit midnight.

You can even see once it's downloaded as it will disappear from the download queue. Make sure your console is set up for automatic downloads while in rest mode and your PS4 will do all the work for you and start downloading as soon as files become available.

If you want to pick them all up for the best price, check out the link below.

Did you know you can turn on your TV when you power up your PS4?

To do this, ensure HDMI CEC is enabled on your TV (Google '*your TV* HDMI CEC' if it's not immediately obvious), then go to the Settings menu on your PS4, select 'System' then check the box for 'Enable HDMI Device Link'. Your TV and PS4 will both turn on with a simple press of the PS button.

There are a few visual and power differences between the standard PS4, , but all of our tips and tricks here should apply to you all equally.It's a pretty nifty little feature, but is still not widely known about as not all TVs support it and it requires a bit of fiddling in Settings menus.Officially called HDMI CEC, pretty much every manufacturer (helpfully) has a different name for it. Most will support the feature, which essentially tethers your TV and PS4 together and slaves actions such as powering on between both devices.It's simple enough to plug your console in and start playing straight away.However, there are a significant number of useful experience-enhancing features worth digging into and we'd be remiss if we didn't point them out.

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