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This was about ten years ago, so when I was 41 ish...One of my straight buddies who started hanging out at the gay bar with his girlfriend kept coming back after she dumped him.And then of course the random ******* at bathhouses back in the day/.. I wanted man sex & tons of it, & didn't always care where & when!

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He wanted a ******* and I agreed to meet downstairs his place.

I was there one time and just took a seat on a stump waiting for someone to come along and stick his **** in my mouth.

It didn't take 5 minutes before a guy started ******* my face...

the first time i enjoyed public sex was 1976 in that long hot summer long ago. laying there in our tight speedos i noticed he had wood. licking and playing wirh his package if was not long... You know the kind, a few seats and a big screen tv at the end. I was sitting at the picnic table that's near the restroom at the park I like to cruise.

This one has two rooms, one with straight videos playing and the other is gay. This cute, slim black guy that I recognize from there comes up to me and says to me,"You're the **********." I said I was and asked if he wanted a blow...

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