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Conor Bateman reveals an often overlooked expanse of streaming portals making available video art by the likes of John Baldessari, Ben Russell and Australia's Karrabing Film Collective to a global audience.In the first of Firstdraft's international exchanges, London's Auto Italia South East populated a performance night in Sydney with "cyborgs, body hackers, trans identities and chthonic ones...find[ing] agency in new modes of technological shapeshifting," reports Laura Mc Lean.A strand of performances in the Asia Triennial of Performing Arts from Yumiko Yoshioka, Pichet Klunchun, TAO Dance Theater, Takao Kawaguchi and Lucy Guerin Inc with Dancenorth evokes states of transcendence, trance and possession, writes Andrew Furhmann, but to what ends?Matthew Lorenzon is taken with Chamber Made Opera and Sichuan Conservatory of Music's Between 8 and 9, with its evocation of a teahouse in which each table delivers a discrete, harmonious cross-cultural musical experience.

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With discerning wit and an engaging aesthetic, A New York photographer exhibiting in Sydney's Head On Photo Festival addresses the veiling, religious or not, of women and its connections with the history of portraiture.

Keith Gallasch listens to Tarhu Connections, a CD in which Ros Bandt's playing of a hybrid instrument, the eloquent tarhu, epitomises the album's success in building cross-cultural relationships that will sustain and renew tradition.

This immersive double CD features music, voices and soundscapes of the Mediterranean and the Pacific, brought together through Ros Bandt's playing of the tarhu in collaboration with myriad musicians.

At Belvoir, Sydney's Shopfront premieres The Carousel, a powerful all-female production about young co-dependent sisters "working through a kind of madness towards release without abandoning their love for each other," writes an impressed Keith Gallasch.

London-based dance collaborators Jamila Johnson-Small and Alexandrina Hemsley tell Osunwunmi about the anti-assimilationist ethic that drives their performances beyond the constraints of racism and traditional notions of virtuosity.

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