Reasonably accommodating disabilities

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An airport baggage handler who could not lift over 25 pounds, however, could not reasonably rely on the same help.

Courts determine the reasonableness of the accommodation on a case-by-case basis.

An employer does not discriminate by denying a job to a person who is not qualified to perform it.

Inquiries and Exams The ADA protects disabled individuals during the hiring process, by prohibiting employers from inquiring about disabilities or subjecting prospective employees to medical tests before hiring them.

This is documentation sufficient to establish that the employee has a covered disability and establish the need for the accommodation the employee seeks.

The documentation should not be a “blank check” to seek the employee’s entire medical record. Is my employer obligated to provide any accommodation that I request? Once your employer knows about your need for an accommodation, he or she must engage in an interactive process with you to help determine what accommodations might be appropriate.

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