Run time error 3251 current recordset does not support updating dating a poor man

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Bug 10220 | Reports now show the correct date ranges defined when configuring the report.Bug 10130 | Fixed an issue where the thumbnail for a show would not be displayed in the VOD player.

Bug 10109 | Fixed a glitch of repeated video on the output when sending Autopilot.The server now detects these files and marks them as unsupported so they can be corrected.Bug 10219 | Fixed various escaping issues in the CSV tables downloaded from reports, so show titles containing commas and quotes look as expected.Instead, only inventory quantities are reported as finished, and not the catch weight quantities. The items are Purchased, Recei External Customer account statement is printing a report for each customer resulting to performance issues when users print for over 8000 customer account statement because the report is now breaking by Customer account resulting to multiple pages of repo Running production scheduling in recurring batch with “Late selection” does not rerun the query.If use Directive Code on both ‘Pick’ Location Directive and Replenishment Template, for ‘Demand’ Replenishment, then Replenishment will NOT generate any work, and the Sales Work will get generated but then cancelled by AXError message ‘Account for transaction type , value model 200NDB_CUR, does not exist for fixed asset EQUPM-000022’ is displayed when validating ARO – accretion expense journal even though the account settings for ARO have been done correctly After installing KB2996985, build error – Microsoft. The same production orders are rescheduled, even though they do not match the selection criteria anymore.

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