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The hull was made of cold rolled welded steel, completely sealed.

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Equipment included an intercom, gyro compass, 10-RT-26E radio with extensible antenna, two headlights on the hull’s front and a turret’s searchlight on the right-hand.

The lack of NBC was problematic compared to other Soviet vehicles but was palliated by the PT-76B.

The main 6-cylinder, 4-stroke water-cooled engine was a straight in-line diesel obtained by halving the standard V12 of the T-54/55 series.

The latter could have the better characteristics and can pierce through 280 mm of armor at 1000 m, with a 650 m optimal range.

The early models had no gun stabilization system at all, while the two later versions had a 1-axis, then 2-axis on the PT-76B.

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