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If you are on an ancient Windows PC that hasn’t updated system software in 10 years and has installed every dodgy piece of junkware that comes your way and you see the webcam light flicker on and off constantly, then yes you may want to consider slapping some tape on the webcam to prevent someone snapping pictures of you with your knowledge.For Mac users, modern versions of OS X are much less of a target and have fewer attack vectors, and if you keep your system software and apps up to date as recommended, you’re even better off as potential holes are patched regularly.Or, just slap some tape or a sticker over the webcam, it’s decidedly low tech but perhaps equally as effective.(A post-it note is not the most durable method of taping over a camera) And since we’re on the topic of theoretical camera spying and being watched, we couldn’t possibly leave you without a soundtrack to go along for the ride…

And while this might sound like fun and games if you’re the one in control — it’s your phone, after all — think about the implications of these apps as malware.

We hooked up a cam we got with our xbox live package and started to have a crack at it.

Man it didnt take long for us to witness some crazy ****.

After all, in a wireless-enabled world where it’s possible to infect smartphones and tablets with a few lines of malware code and then steal everything from device IDs to passwords and bank account information, hacking the camera doesn’t seem like such a mean feat. Sidor’s app works by using a tiny, 1×1 pixel preview screen to keep the camera running in the background.

This screen is often touted as security feature by Google — the camera won’t operate unless a preview is being displayed — but all Sidor had to do was reduce the size down to nearly invisible and he had no problem taking hidden photos.

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