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If you were previously married, the date of your divorce or the date of your spouse's death must be provided.If the divorce or spouse's death had taken place within the last 2 years, some counties require you to bring a certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate.If you are under 16 you can not marry without a court order.No blood test or physical exam is required, although women under the age of 50 must provide a completed State of Indiana Premarital Examinate Certificate obtained from a health clinic.The latter, more common approach, would require an actual Indiana marriage license.No, common-law marriages are not allowed in Indiana.

The term "common law marriage" refers to an informal marriage, based upon cohabitation and a mutual understanding by both partners, rather than getting married through a civil or religious ceremony.

It's applicable for Indiana or any other state in the union.

Completing all the necessary name change documentation prior to your wedding is recommended in order to expedite the name change process.

Unfortunately, you'll just have to get a brand new one as your expired one will no longer be recognized as valid by the state nor by the person who will be responsible for officiating your marriage.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older to marry without parental consent.

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