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They stop off for milkshakes at Pop's, and Chuck tries to convince Josie that he's changed.

He apparently goes to church every week now, and is trying to make amends for his previous terrible behavior.

Panicking, Jug agrees to hitch a ride with a stranger, much to Archie's dismay.

The stranger is purposefully creepy, saying, "Don't look under that tarp, boy." When Jug does sneak a peek, there's a dead deer under it.

While she isn't totally sure he sent them, Cheryl encourages Josie to point the finger at him anyway.

The Sheriff says there's no evidence, but Chuck won't be coming near Josie anymore.

Josie seems convinced, and even agrees to dance with him in the middle of the diner, style.

However, their dancing is interrupted by the Mayor and the Sheriff, who drag Josie home.

Along with an immaculate drawing of her own face read the words, "If I can't have you, no one can." There's also a bloody pig's heart in a box. Josie blames Chuck for the pig's heart and creepy drawing.

Here's everything that happened in Affixed to Pop's front door is the latest letter from the Black Hood. Understandably, everyone is shaken by this request.

The killer claims, "I have rid this town of the drug dealing child killer..." and asks that the rest of Riverdale's residents to stop sinning. Despite being warned by his dad to never do a favor for Penny Peabody, Jughead agrees to help her in return for the help she gave him in reducing FP's prison sentence.

Plus, Penny tells Jug that his dad got beaten up by Ghoulies in prison, so transporting this "package" is a way to help him. Next you'll be telling me that Rufus Humphrey wants to collaborate with Archie on a song.

While transporting the mysterious crate that probably contains drugs, Archie's car gets a flat tire.

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