Sex dating in yeager oklahoma

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Since those days, Hollywood has come up with so many more novel ways in which to disappoint and/or irritate us.And few have pushed the envelope as aggressively as Michael Bay’s franchise.In fact, if an actual shotgun involved, the unwilling groom can usually have the marriage annulled by reason of duress (because "they had a gun to my head" is the textbook definition of duress).In fact, in the Catholic Church, a six-to-nine-month preparation program called Pre-Cana is required of any who seek marriage, with one of the stated goals being to weed out such shotgun marriages. Did you just have a one-night stand with the Farmer's Daughter?

There are even a couple of “Mini-Dinobots,” whom I have no idea what to make of.

Sometimes mutual attraction isn't even required before our hero or heroine winds up frog-marched to the chapel.

One of the local boys or girls may take a shine to a traveling protagonist and attempt a forced marriage at gunpoint.

Suffice it to say that under the influence of Quintessa, a robot sorceress from the Transformer planet of Cybertron—I hate that I had to type those words—Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) turns evil and changes his name to Nemesis Prime.

There is, as usual, an artifact-Mac Guffin that needs to be acquired, the Staff of Merlin.

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