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Babestation24 – that’s censorship deluxe made in Germany.

now they want to bring the same to other sites they sell there streams to. ashley said to lori, thank fuck your here, if it was just me i would have been flashing my fanny for next to nothing...

this cant be good for the sites buying the content and if i was running the 3rd party site i would want a minimum guarantee of content before i would allow them to air. its my site and my sites reputation thats on the line when i provide content. while that may be true, it would have defiantly brought more tippers for the next show.

in real terms it wasnt even as strong as loris tv naked stints. so they were just tipping small amounts constantly with no idea what they would get.

the guys watching had no idea what the goal was before the pussy came out (not that it did).

resulted in every time the girls moved about the screen turned into a wall of blocks.

but like i said they didnt give enough notice, so had no realistic chance of meeting it unless 1 or 2 guys ponied up big time. so the girls could then say sorry we didnt reach the the required amount but we are gonna take your credits given so far good night.

members can watch BSX TV broadcasts right here every night at pm, included absolutely free with your membership.

Every Friday and Saturday at 11pm we also have our super raunchy BSX live shows, make sure you don't miss out!

im told this is typical of lori pissing about with the settings to deliberately reduce image quality.

if thats the case then some 1 needs to have a chat about leaving shit alone.

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