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Though El's family life will be playing a huge part of this story. I described him as closely as I could, because the precocious tom is no longer among the living.

August 3 and 4, 2011I have not forgotten about any of my stories and do plan on updating them, I just have to write the updates first.

My Original Characters have faced the pain of loss and there is such a thing as love at first sight.

If someone knows who has posted my story without my permission on the most hated GX fanfictions let me know.

I also have planned a few more fics that I want to write.

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I have also update Half Saiyan Pokémon Trainer, it's a short chapter and I will do more for the next one, but that should tide over all my readers.Siblings: 1 sister( highly annoying)Country: USA, Eastern Standard Time Zone Interesting Fact(s): My eye sight is so bad I am considered almost legally blind and now must wear glasses all the time, which I detest.Fave Animals: cats, dogs, goats, and chickens Fave Board Game: Clue Fave Comic Series: Sonic the Hedgehog Fave Manga: Kingdom Hearts As I've stated further down in my profile, this year in 2014 I'm participating in Na No Wri Mo.The old saying is if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it is true, especially in electronic format.I am a huge Gx fan and my story is accurate with what has happened so far in the anime, Chazz is not sharing a dorm room with Jaden, he is sharing with Blair, just like he shared with Alexis and Bastion last season. June 23, 2011: I just recently updated The Secret of Mars.

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