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My cock, long and stiff, throbbing with the pulsations feeding through it and teasing all around the head, was drooling.Looking at the Skype screen, I could see the other cocks, stiff and hard, one with cum drooling from the tip, making a string as it slowly dripped onto his balls, the twitching of his virtual stroke clearly milking him.On my TV screen, 2 beautiful girls were sitting, facing each other, as they removed their clothes.They had dildos at arms' reach, and quickly were naked, spreading their sweet thighs apart, and gazing at each other with unbridled lust.I can tell you that estim, porn and/or phone sex can be amazing.The joys of stimming of course, I have documented several times in great detail, but it never gets old.

Watching the other guys I saw how their meaty dicks responded to that as well, I distinctly here a female voice moaning in pleasure., it was not coming from my TV, but from one of the other guys' microphones.

This realization proved too much for one of the other guys, and his rapidly twitching cock lurched, and as his hand reached to turn up his settings dial, (probably to get that last rush of feeling), and erupted cum streams and splashes of spunk into the air, kind of in all directions.

His groans and sighs of orgasm were inspiring to say the least, my own cock bounced several times, almost vicariously enjoying his ejaculation with him, I was very close.

That day, there were 3 other guys in various parts of the world, all sharing their horniness, their need, OUR need to feel these sensations moving up and down our erect, throbbing penises.

Seeing them all intensely hard, and twitching, made me all the more eager to turn on my cam and join in the show.

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