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The Dutch and Congolese men’s experiences are echoed in many emerging market economies.My research focuses on migration and globalisation, primarily on what I call “frontier migration”: the movement of people, capital, technology, and ideas from a more “developed” economy to one that’s less “developed”.Almost every single white man from a “developed” country whom I interviewed candidly explained the positive effect his white skin had on his migration experience.Many felt a mixture of discomfort and surprise at the power they’d gained by moving from a white-majority society to a white-minority society. In a country like India, their whiteness set them apart.I have argued in my research that it’s important to speak about the global ethnic economy.Whether one is studying the role of entrepreneurs in increasing growth or trying to understand labour market dynamics, factors like race, ethnicity, gender and so on should be accounted for.

But economists should join sociologists and post colonial scholars in trying to do so.

He suspected that in both cases his dark skin was to blame.

Africans have a very hard time finding housing in South Delhi’s more middle-class colonies because people don’t like to rent to Africans.

Part of the school’s cachet and competitive advantage derived from having a “genuine white guy” in charge.

White women and darker-skinned migrants have very different migration experiences from their white male counterparts.

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